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The Delight of the Dandelion

Dandelions are a green I grew up on in my pre-school years in the country side. On the back porch the tub fridge was filled with ice water and soaking dandelion greens. It's interesting to read on have among the several, two nutrients for healthy eye sight. In my youth, I had excellent eye sight. I'll be adding dandelions to my salad this year.

However, the dandelion greens will not be from the lawn. There are too many chemicals that don't make it out of the soil to be safe, in my opinion. I want dandelion greens grown in a garden space set aside to grow dandelions. I'll also be shopping at the Farmer's Markets in the area for fresh greens.
Dandelion Puff 2012, digital photo Studio Maywyn


Spring Brings

New horizons, new colors, new ideas, Spring brings New into the picture more so than any other time of year. This year's summer plans, with a few menus, are so far on paper.

Summer Plein Air Outings:
Picnic & Paint...think lawn somewhere
Sketch & green urban style
Photography and Pastry...early AM may be chilly

Each location is user friendly, as in restrooms within a short distance (or closer), directions to get there, and easy to find spot to set up easel, chair or picnic cloth.  As yet, I'm unsure if they will be solo excursions or specific dates and times for others to join in. If this does include others, then the information will be done via email. I won't post the information online.
I have to contact some places to ask if such a casual event is all right. They are all plein air outings with weather permitting flexible days and times. The style is if you have the time, then show up, meet folks, and paint, sketch or take photographs.
Many moons ago I belonged to an art guild that had a similar event on Saturday mornings. The keyword is casual, no pressure, show up or not, say hello, and enjoy yourself.

Do you belong to such a group or have any tips to share?


Dead Creek Reeds

Dead Creek, Addison, Vermont, Adirondacks in the background

There are photographs and ideas that remind me of this blog such as the color of the reeds. I wonder how reeds are harvested for weaving baskets and chair seats. I don't think the reeds in the photograph are cut down because they're in a wildlife refuge environment.