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Bee in Action Gathering Nest Building Material from a Dusty Miller Plant

Bee harvesting white fuzz from a Dusty Miller plant

Finally, a photograph of a bee harvesting the white fuzz (trichome) of the Dusty Miller plant to use for nest building. I first posted about this on Maywyn Studio, 15 July 2015, and again at the end of June 2016. Both postings are without a photo of a bee in action. Thus, I've been patiently waiting and hoping to get a photo of the event. Since June I've not even seen a bee near the Dusty Miller plants. I began to wonder if the removal of the white fuzz is due to something else.

First thing this morning a horrid sinus headache began a day of woe is me until I had to take allergy medication. Strange as it may sound, I found relief of the symptoms by sitting out back instead of the air conditioned indoors with a mass planting of day lilies not far from the air conditioner out front. Well, there I sat on the patio with an umbrella to shield me from the sun when, as I have a habit of doing, I look at the Dusty Miller. Movement. Up quick and back indoors to grab a camera I go. With no glasses on, I zoom the setting so as to not scare the bee away if it was still there. I manage to take a few pictures before I see something fly away. What a thrill to see one of the pictures not only has the bee in it, the bee is grasping a ball of white fuzz! Dizzy with glee I be, (in my best Yoda voice).
Missed the bee


  1. How interesting! I have never heard of Dusty Miller plants, but that photo of the bee with a ball of fuzz is something else. Well done!

    I hope you feel better soon, sometimes A/C makes me feel quite unwell, I am not used to it but I always wonder what's being recycled in the conditioned air.

    1. Hello Jenny,
      Thank you. I was shocked to see the bee in the hot sun like that in the middle of the day.
      After a three day migraine, something in the air must have changed because this morning it finally went away. That side of my head still feels a bit numbish.

      Your post this morning was a special treat after the migraine. I felt like as a kid getting a toy. :)

  2. Bees are fascinating little creatures and I'm so glad you finally got the photo wanted!~ I was watching the dozens of butterflies on our zinnias yesterday, up close, as they collected pollen.

    1. Hello Jeri,
      Its such good news about Peggy. Give her and her bodyguard friend, Liam, my best.
      Enjoy the flowers and butterflies
      Have a productive week painting!


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