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Blogger Template Designer isn't working as it usually does. Thus, not all blog changes go through when selected. Noting here that Blogger typing posts at the present time of this posting is also glitchy. When I click on Publish, a new post shows up. At least once, Publish after editing produced a duplicate post.
Happy August Blogger!

What was here is tdSimple from, free templates compatible with Blogger. The install is very easy. The difficulty is editing the template to reflect your fonts, color and such. 
A template downloaded and installed here on Blogger from will have the attribute changed to the author of the template with that website's attribute, template designer and/or another template name.
This blog's template is back to Blogger because I didn't do my usual research on the original source of the template. I did see a difference, but didn't catch on to the changes. I suggest an Internet search of the template's author and designer before downloading as a safety caution as you do with any download.

Have a wonderful week-end
Blueberry Ice Milk
6 August 2016...As it is, the template will stay until I find a comfortable one. Blogger makes it so easy to remain with what they have. And, most templates I try elsewhere don't make it easy to edit. I've found the page slows down or there just isn't enough wiggle room to design my own look. For example, font selection that's very limited that feels like pay for an upgrade or take what you get.
Also, note that when a blog moves to another, there may be a loss of visitors. The best way to gather and keep readers is to post informative information they can learn from, relate to, and enjoy.

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