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Staying Cool

On a hot day a seagull shares a big puddle with a crow sprucing up his feathers.
Staying cool while waiting for a dropped tid bit of food
 isn't a bad way for a bird to spend time.
The crow is the star of that show, however,
as he prances around the thin waters in a fluffy feather look.
Its nice to catch birds acting out of character, feathers lifted out to preen or fly. They aren't easy to photograph with the small camera I have. Most of the fun pictures are by luck. I recently tried to take photos of a leaf cutting bee, but couldn't get the zoom to focus close enough for the portrait of the bee I want.
Leaf Cutting Bee on Sugar Maple Leaf
You can't see the cut or the bee very well. The next photo below is the evidence in the cut sugar maple leaf.
At the last minute I set the camera on video. The leaf cutting bee returns, and flies up and away because I'm too close. Sigh. At least now I know what is chomping on the little sugar maple seedling I transplanted to my really small micro-garden. The bee was very busy taking a leaf piece, flying away, and returning about a couple of minutes later. I'll be ready next time to take a short video.

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