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Summer Sandwich

How does it happen? Grazing in the fridge for easy food, that's how. In summer when the temperatures are high even in an air conditioned home, turning on the stove can grate on the senses. Putting together a light no hassle meal rules over 350ºF for 20-25 minutes. For at home or take out for a picnic or just in case takes too long appointment that will surely leave you dizzy with hunger, the Summer Sandwich is perfect.

A favorite of this blogger this summer is a heap of washed baby spinach, sliced tomato to fit, a drizzle of olive oil, light shake of garlic power on multi-grain bread that has a smidgen of interesting deli mustard on one slice. Slicing the sandwich into eighths makes handling easier, and also encourages slower chewing. Arrange directly on the bread or toss the ingredients in a small bowl before putting the sandwich together. The direct approach makes for better slicing because the spinach and tomato are layered better. You can also break the bread up and toss it in the ingredients adding balsamic vinegar for a nice Italian panzanella salad.


  1. Dear Maywyn love the new name. Think I will need to go into eblogger and change to this address. Your sandwich sounds delicious especially if the tomato is fresh from the garden. Hope you are having a fine summer day.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Your Sunday post is comforting, and perfect for the times we are going through in the World.
      Thank you. I hope your summer is going well.


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