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A Large Dahlia

The Dahlia from a box was planted in soil (in a planter) around the end of May and beginning of June. Leaves and stem grew and grew until buds began to show early July. And then it took forever for one to blossom. The plant is  slow to blossom without fertilizer.  Its the first time growing one this way. Usually, I buy them already blooming.

The main stem is almost an inch thick. I shutter to think if I had fed the plant, how large the leaves and stem would be. It is attractive, and a nice specimen to draw and paint.

The Dahlia in the photo appears to be a Collarette cross with a cactus type of Dahlia.

I thought I  bought a pink one, but the main color is a palest lemon with a very tiny stripe of pink in a few petals. As it ages, pink shows up more in the petals.

For an allergy friendly garden, consider a few plants that have large showy blooms instead of a lot of plants.

Three flower buds formed, small, medium and a large (photo). The small one doesn't look like it will bloom. The medium one is gone, broken off by mistakes.

A new stem began growing from the tuber mid July. Keeping a record of how a plant grows is ideal for planning a garden as well as entering a flower in a county fair.

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