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Allergies and Rain: Thunderclap Asthma

A doctor once told me that rain washes pollen out of the air. True as that may be, I question why after a good soaking from above do I wake up with the start of a wicked sinus migraine. To the Google I go. Every hear about Thunderclap Asthma?

Well, it appears that rain causes pollen to swell to bursting into in more smaller pollen pieces. Reading the description provides a more scientific explanation.

Update, 24 November 2016
Australia incident


  1. Urgh. Well, glad I don't get it anyhow. I do get itchy allergic to insect bites but this sounds worse.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      On the positive side since the rain, the lawns are beautifully green.

      Insects bite itching...moisture and salt on the bite help me the most. The salt on the sheets, I tell myself I've been to the beach. lol


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