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Blogging: Choosing Icons

Icons are nice. They feel like home coming into view after a hard day or the right street sign after an hour of going in circles. Those little picture graphics say hello in a comforting way.
If you have blog features without an icon, then consider making one.
For example, on this blog sometimes there's a post about an assortment of subjects and/or links to share. Thus, the old restaurant ware* cup (with lemon-lime drink) is the icon here for what's been going on posts.

*Cup: Sterling Vitrified China, East Liverpool, New York,
Saucer: McNichol China,


  1. Dear Maywyn - you always have such great tips on blogging. Sorry I haven't been here to visit sooner. Life has been a bit crazy...hope it will get a little less hectic now that fall is around the corner. Have a super day friend. Hugs!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Every time I think of Autumn, I think of Ohio. You have as beautiful a fall there as we do in New England.
      Have a Super Week!


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