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Blogging: Icons in Post Titles

Choosing icons isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Going through dozens of photographs brings back more memories than it does images icon worthy.  Methinks then, maybe I'm not up to speed on the points of selecting a good icon. Thus, a Googling I go for: how to choose icon.
I found a charming and easy to read article on, "How to Choose Effective and Attractive Icons in Your Design."

I immediately realize that looking for a good picture to serve as an icon isn't the best approach. Choosing the word the icon represents is the place to focus on. For example, the cup and saucer represent chat, updating on what's going on with this blogger as in like we're having a cup of something over catching on on our news. For abstract art, perhaps a detail of an abstract painting will be a good icon.
Taking the design element to the next step is adding an icon to the actual post's title. On, "Add an Icon to Blog Post titles Using CSS," is a great article with instructions that are easy to understand.
Trying it out is another story. Post title class is an element of the template code that sounds like more than I want to know. Does it have to be that complicated? Maybe not. I try to add image code to the title using copy and paste, but that doesn't work. Maybe yes it does have to be that complicated. If I email Blogger with a request to make it easy, then I suspect I'll learn how to before that features is added to Blogger.
During my travels I find a page at, after reading the tutorials may be out of date, for adding an automatic signature to blog posts. I think learning how to do that before adding icons will help ease the mind into feeling more comfortable with technical stuff.

All this technical creative learning brings to mind the all mighty brand logo/icon for this blog's title. I didn't give it much thought until now. Learning does that, makes learning more a journey that doesn't end.

Does your blog name have a logo/icon? 


  1. No, but since I love design, I have always liked the idea of logos. I still don't have one for my art business though...

  2. Hello Debra,
    I love the bird on your Monnie Bean Folk Art website banner. Have you considered making the bird in some graphic outline form a logo? Or one of you folk fantastic dolls? I'm sure whatever you decide will be beautiful.

  3. This is the job of my computer guy, I have no idea of what he's doing every time I ask him a change or something else...
    Happy new week and thanks for visiting!

  4. Hello Olympia,
    Happy New Week to You!
    I enjoy reading you blog so much it feels like an extension of summer.

  5. I love those beautiful green leaves which somehow remind me of lambs-lettuce ....

    1. Hello Jenny,
      I'm totally enchanted reading your recent Twyford Farm post. The bridge folly, cow brushes, Sheffield Park, and Plaw Hatch Farm, and all...wonderful places to visit.
      I had to look up lamb's lettuce. Wow, its high in Vitamin A and C. I hope I can find it local here in Vermont.
      Have a beautiful late summer!


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