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Sunset on August

7:50 PM EDT, Vermont, Digital Photo with a Horizontal Flip
Blue, gray, pink and yellow dark to light. The cloud's formation may not be spectacular,
but the colors of a summer sunset are.
7:50 PM EDT Vermont August Sunset

This next to last week of August is going to be busy here as books, shoes, whatnot, and clothes are bagged up for donating. In the fall there are a lot of rummage sales that can use good stuff, and this is a good time to clean out closets and such.
As I'm thinking of autumn, I hear the honk of geese flying over. I didn't find my camera in time for a picture. 
Taking a look at winter shoes is good idea as well. This winter is about minimizing around here to tighten the laundry budget. There's no hook ups in the apartment for a washer and dryer.
Ah, another honking going on. I don't see the birds. The gray and white clouds are moving toward the northeast at a good pace this late Sunday morning. There's also a nice breeze blowing, good drying weather as Ma would say. I haven't checked on the weather in Canada to maybe understand why I'm hearing geese this early in the migration season. There are some Canada Geese that stay in the area. Maybe they are looking for new territory.
Winter clothes take up more room than summer. Lighter fabrics can be washed by hand and hung out to dry, but winter needs a washer and drying cycle. Flannel pajamas might be comfy, but they also cost more to maintain. A tee shirt and thermal pants as pajamas are an easy hand wash to hang over the tub. The wet garments are a bonus adding moisture to the dry air of a winter indoors.
I saw a Canada Goose flying about twenty feet from me! If only they could be trained to slow down when they see a camera. :) 

After the donation purge, its time to make a list of soups to try when the weather turns chilly. New flavors are the focus. As much as I like chicken broth and chili flavors, its time to branch out to diversify the winter menu.

This is also the time of the year for the winter mug hunt, finding that special sturdy mug that can fit half a jar of marshmallow with some hot chocolate at the bottom.

Another fun getting ready for winter project is finding a wonderful printed fleece fabric to make a big fluffy sweater. Fleece is easy to sew as in forgiving because the nap hides wonky seams. I like the cotton duck arrow fabric 0n as maybe a contrasting trim on like on this speckled black Sherpa fleece.

Do you have a getting ready for winter list?

A bit of trivia...A first, its been over a day since any of the blogs (30+) I follow posted.
I see bloggers slowing down on posting to use Instagram instead.


  1. I love long underwear with a sweatshirt for pj's, and also plain ole yoga pants and a t shirt-whatever is comfy...

    1. Congratulations again, Debra, on your artwork in Stampington's, "The Coloring Studio!"
      Have a fun week!


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