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My old photos gladiola pictures help calm and comfort me when times are rough. Years ago, I grew them until they are almost full stem. I'd then cut them to give them away to the others that need the cheer me up.
If you have rough times, then find photos and thoughts you can hold onto that help you through. Talk to somebody. Reach out. Pray. Meditate. Know you aren't alone, and time can help you deal and heal until your personal power is back in control. There are many inspiring blogs out there to read. Doing no harm, find what's good for you, build your support network. 


  1. Hi Maywyn, I am enjoying your new blog, looks great! Stunning flowers, the bright colors cheered me up! I really appreciate you sharing all of this great information!

    1. Hi Celia,
      Thanks to your poppy watercolor, my day began with a smile.
      Thank you Celia
      A new blog is challenging.

  2. Hello! Summer colors, beautiful!

    I know what it means to start a new blog, I did that myself over 2 1/2 years ago. We loose, we win, it depends on what we are looking for.

    Good luck to you and your new blog.


    1. Hello Regina,
      I wish there was a way to refresh without starting a new blog. lol
      Its fun though.
      Have a Great Week-end!

  3. Gladioli are such wonderful in your face bright flowers! I loved your picture, and also your idea for dealing with difficult times. I think the gift of flowers is a real cheerer-up.

    1. Hello Jenny,
      I agree, flowers are a real cheerer-up.
      Have a cheery week-end!


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