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A Green Ribbon in Nature*

Five weeks away is the beginning of Autumn as in the end of summer.  For many, the beginning of the school year is the end of summer. However and wherever your brain places the coordinates, stores can remind you of the seasonal change with Halloween candy on the shelves in August when the temperatures outside are 90ºF. 
Candy sitting on the shelf for 0ver two months? Welcome to the reality of retail. If you sell (or shop) online, then you know this is the time when vendors are adding holiday items to their shops. There are people that are all about a specific holiday, collect it, wear it, decorate with it, blog about it. That's cool to have a passion like that (and they do have the best collections). 

What about those of us that prefer the natural variety of seasonal rituals dictated by Nature? Methinks the answer to that depends on your age. As you get older, seeing Halloween candy in August makes you glad you are to be reminded of that dermatologist appointment you have in November. There can be good to be found in reminders. Taking care of your health can be one of them when you associated seasonal changes with making sure you get those important tests done as recommended. It can take over two months to get an appointment. 

Be sweet to your life. Get that check up.

* Black Locust tree pods

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