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Household Tip: Checkbook Cover as a Cell Phone Folder

Remember those plastic checkbook covers free with an order of checks?
They make a wonderful cell phone folder! A cell phone neatly slides into a cover for protection in your purse, backpack, drawer, vehicle console or pocket. 
Caution, the checkbook cover is a folder, not a holder. The phone can slip out.
Other Bonuses: 
It covers the camera lens when resting on a table, for example...
No drool face chance of hacked photos of you napping on the sofa.
Might eliminate butt calls 
Methinks it depends on butt density.
I'm not going to put on a pair of jeans for testing.
Please leave a comment or send and email if you know for sure.

The plastic flap for the check writing protection fits the cell phone for bumpier rides, but it muffles the sound. I don't know what problems being held in plastic like that will do for a cell phone.  I have a bump cover for my cell phone (removed for photo), and it fits well into that checkbook cover.
Have more than one cell phone? Use different color and/or texture checkbook cover to ease the hassle of choosing the right phone from a crowded purse or pocket.

After posting, when looking for a new cover because mine is chipped and cracked, I discover there are wallets and covers you can buy with fantastic graphics! Yay  Make sure you have the right cell phone model for the case or cover you buy.


  1. I really appreciate your kind words left on my blog Maywyn! I have been going through yours and catching up on so many great posts! I love this idea, great to find a use for the check covers.

    1. Hello Celia,
      As soon as I heard about the earthquake north of Rome, I thought of you. I'm glad you are safe.
      Many Prayers for Italy

  2. That is a nice idea! Happy Friday ♥

  3. Have a Happy Week-end!


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