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Household Tips: Defrost and Ceiling Fan Light Flickering

Freezer Defrost Coil

The doesn't  happen frequently red glowing coil inside your freezer that you might notice is for the defrosting of the freezer. Read up and know how to identify the process to be sure that's what it is.

No photograph for this one, and it might sound funny weird.
Have a problem with eye strain, headache, nausea after being on the computer for a long time? Is there a ceiling fan overhead? 
A few weeks ago I had a three day migraine headache episode. I thought it was only allergies as there's a huge bit of flower blooming (many more than last year) going on outside my air conditioner window; and, day lilies give me a wicked awful headache. Headache pills help but don't make a migraine go away. Its a type of headache that has a life of its own with a fierce determination to live it through to the very end. I don't like strong medication. Thus, over the counter is all I had. Ready to call the doctor, on day four I woke with the start of one but, it went away when I rested without using the computer. Huh?
I then suspected eye strain is contributing to the migraine episode's intensity.  But why? I've been on the computer before for longer sessions than during that time. What's going on then that's so different aside from the sinus/allergy problem?
The ceiling fan light fixture! I was sitting under a ceiling fan that flickers the light on all the reflective surfaces around me, plus from the light fixture the ceiling fan is part of with its shadow making flickering!
I have to shut off the ceiling fan light or move the laptop to another area so my eyes don't pick up the light movement. The situation is much like talking loud to someone with a bad hangover as in makes it exponentially worse.

Last night typing this I was getting a bit queasy.


  1. I don't have a ceiling fan but it good that you posted this. Most people wouldn't have thought of that. I hope your migraine has gone away and that you are feeling better!

    1. Thank you, Linda
      I love your link line up post today, lots to think about, and the music video is very relaxing and uplifting.

      The flowers don't bloom summer long, thankfully. And since I realize the ceiling fan light and laptop don't blend well together, no migraines. :)


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