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Nature, Sucralose, and Menus

White clover photobombs a blade of grass

As a result of taking about nine hours of geology courses, I can't look at a rock without thinking about rock classifications, lava flowing, crystals forming, pressure building up over eons to make sandstone, grain size, and such. The Rock Cycle is a fun brain companion. On the old blog I posted a rock cycle diagram done for homework. Its now somewhere in a pile of was on the bulletin board stuff.  When I look at plants, I don't think that same way. My Father did teach us kids about some plants on our nature walks looking for arrowheads. I remember sassafras tree roots, how he held a piece up for us to smell (up rooted by a bulldozer), and telling us you can make root beer tonic (soda) from it. He showed us Princess pine, (Lycopodium obscurum) a low growing evergreen used to make wreaths. Its now protected in some states. He also showed us poison ivy. The difficult lesson  to learn.

After a few visits with a dietitian last winter, I began to think of food differently. Instead of specific recipe names, I think in terms of green leafy, carbs, protein, and No. I began reading labels more often, and added energy drinks to my diet for the protein. Then one day I happen to read the ingredient's label on an energy drink and see the word, Sucralose. That sounds like a sweetener.  It is. And like all sweeteners, I believe one should read up on the pros and cons to make the best informed decision for what it good for their body. So like walking in the woods trying to not step on a delicate plants, I think energy drinks are off my menu cycle if they contain sucralose. I will, however, drink up what's left of both brands in my fridge. (Typing this, I think I posted something similar on the old blog.)

Its as if life is trying to revert back to the olden days when food was all organic, rocks makes nice walls and foundations, and plant names are taught to us by our elders. How our lives are intertwined with Earth is a good subject to ponder on a late summer week-end.


  1. Yes, I know Princess pine-it grew in our woods when I was a kid-hopefully, it still is there. I haven't ventured in those woods lately because of ticks. I agree with you about being a good label reader and staying away from fake sweeteners.

  2. Hello Debra,
    Yes, to staying out of the woods because of ticks! I'm use bug spray just being on the patio. I can't stand the thought of them.
    Have a happy week!


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