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Quilted Together

Years ago my mother sewed quilt squares and put them away. I suspect no cutting wheel or templates have ever been near the little about eight inch by eight inch pieces because they are so crudely sewn together.  Then one day I happen to look at one thinking something feels  familiar. Are any of our baby clothes in there? Toddle duds? Did one of us kids wear that shirt or dress to kindergarten?
I think the flower stripes are from an apron. I definitely remember the blue and white woven gingham. All the fabrics are woven in ways that don't match anything in my closet today. Most are thicker and fancier, and many look like men's shirt fabric from the 1950s.

Are they a learner's exercise? Some tiny blocks are hand sewn before machine stitched together, (and the quality uneven). I wish mother told me about them twenty-five years ago when she gave them to me. Several are sewn into a quilt topper I use. Many others aren't. Frame or make into an apron or pillow for family members will be a nice winter sewing project.

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