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Reflection Monday August 2016

Wherever you gather
Please go in Peace

Please note, Blogger editing is glitchy once again not changing to the selected font and/or size. The template editor yesterday also had some features not available.


  1. Dear Maywyn~I thought I had offended I stopped following your blog because I thought I'd said something wrong-I was especially outspoken at Sparrowgrass, and that's why I stopped that blog. I don't need to put my opinions out there! I'm sorry....I will join your new blog. I love the photos (as always!)

    1. Hello Debra,
      I always thoroughly enjoy your blogging, and wonderful outlook on life. I thought you quit posting until I followed your link back to your other blog. So that's where the geese went. lol Glad I found your blog again!

      Have a Very Happy August!


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