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The Use To Divide

The Use To Divide begins in the early fifties age

There is a start of a bag of sandals and shoes for a thrift shop donation near the front door.
A start and not a finish because there's a group that fit so well, the difficulty letting them go is high.
Awake at five in the morning, I try to come up with ways to encourage myself drop a few more pair in the bag. So I am thinking about doing this when, as a blogger often does, thinks this is a good subject to post about. The Use To Divide, as in use to wear, use to do, use to be thing.
I think about each pair of shoes beginning with the nice Italian cork heels with the gorgeous stretch fabric across the front of the foot, and how ultra comfortable and stylish they are. They'd look so cute with a pair of rolled up jeans. Years ago I'd wear them as my go to every day shoes. Why not now? Its about how I dress now versus then, as in size 8 to size (hold on, I'm gasping for breath), 1x. Instead of shoes to donate, I'm sketching the blog idea for the Use To Divide, in very low light mind you. Determined to post, that afternoon I cut out the pieces, glue them to watercolor paper, add color, and some notes like a paste up board from the olden days. I can draw better, but some things should stay the way they are fresh in the mind with all the quirks.
I move on to thinking of a new way to donate more shoes like wear them while doing errands. I realize then wearing heels are scary at my older age. One wobble can be a bullet train ride to broken hip city. To safely wear heels, one needs to walk with confidence. Aloud, I laugh as I imagine myself strutting to check the mail. Not going to happen.

Maybe I can glue together all the shoes I want to keep that I don't wear to make a lamp? How about shelf brackets? Feet for an ottoman? Oh dear, I just took a look on Google for uses for old shoes. There are some seriously scary make overs there, fun and clever though.


  1. I can't tell you how often I go through the SHOE closet and debate on whether or not I will EVER wear that cute pair of 3 inch heels again or if I can handle the "size too small" pair for even a few hours. In the end, I close the door and leave it for another day. These days I am into comfort shoes, so I might as well face the facts and give those pretty shoes to the Goodwill!

  2. Hello Jeri,
    Your peahen chicks and the video you created are adorable!

    One more pair of sandals made it to the donate bag. Three others are in waiting. :)

  3. I wear shoes for comfort. I cannot wear heels, even though they may look attractive they can be quite painful. Nice new blog and header. :)

    1. Hello Linda,
      Comfort all the way!
      I've made a rule to never wear painful shoes. My arthritic toe insists on it. lol
      Thank you. I didn't realize until after putting the new banner up, the Dusty Miller look gray matter brainy.


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