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What's Been and Not Been Going On

Slow summer. Lots sitting outdoors. Lots of woe is me. After a big thrown off track slump, like glacial isostatic rebound, spirits are on the rise.
Summer is on the down swing as nights can be cooler, and a spot of color will show in a maple tree.
Drying Corn Husks, digital photo 2015
Its been a year and a month since I posted the photographs of the drying corn husks (July 2015 on Maywyn Studio). In reality, it feels more like years ago.
About fifteen years ago I had a white and green plastic tubing lounger on the deck. One day while reading, I notice how low to the ground the plastic stretches compared to lighter years. I laughed aloud. If I made a list of words to sum up my life, then one of the top of the list would Isostasy.

What words would you choose for your life?


  1. Words to describe my life...calm, positive, nature. I try to stay positive and calm and I absolutely love nature! :)

  2. Beautiful words!
    Your line up of links today is fantastic.
    You always post something that touches the heart.

  3. That is an excellent question, but I'd need time to think about trying to narrow a favorite color choice-I'm not sure I can pick out just a few words....I did read what your word means-I had never heard of it-so you helped me learn something new today. Maybe one of my words would be creative, or curious. Love of learning things....Interesting to think about, Maywyn!

    1. Hello Debra,
      I'm still thinking about it. lol
      I took a few geology courses years ago that gave me a new perspective on how the Earth works. Learning is refreshing.
      Have fun discovering your words!

  4. I've never thought what word I would choose for my life. I will give it some thought, it's a completely new idea to me! thanks :)

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Have fun selecting words!
      I need to make a list or else I'll forget mine. lol


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