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A Dahlia, Rummage Sales, Autumn, and Homemade Donuts

The dahlia in the photo has been blooming for about a month now. The back petals die away as the face of the flower gains a slight more color and depth. The larger leaves didn't care for the hot dry weather. They are removed to allow the blossom to have more strength. The second stem from the tuber won't have a flower before the first frost when its time to store the dahlia tuber for winter.

Alas, the summer isn't holding on as long as the dahlia. The nights are cooler. The Moon looks brighter. The morning air feels crisper. This is the time to make a will do list that lasts until the last task is completed.
Remember the 19 August post about donating sandals? Well, they are still here not far from the huge bag of clothes from a local rummage sale. Wardrobes don't know what comes in must equal (almost) what goes out. After years of not going to rummage sales, I notice more good name brand clothes and jeans on the tables after the first day, and indeed on the last day as well. In the days of the peak small sellers online circa 2004,  and consignment shops, that wouldn't happen. So what did happen to change the rummage sale rhythm? I speculate the economy, buyer pool of the community, and the lack of used clothes entrepreneurs are the causes for what I see as a conspicuous change.  Not seeing familiar faces and the enthusiasm of the rummage sale days of old compete with the end of summer for most sense of sadness.
And as transitions go, new faces equally friendly blend into a community fabric without the jagged edges an absence (such as mine) creates. Autumn is about more than colorful foliage, apple picking, harvest time, rummage sales, craft fairs and baked goods. Autumn is about community, I feel, more so than any other time of year. If you have a chance, then get out and enjoy where you live, and please, make note of where the best homemade donuts are.


  1. Dear Maywyn beautiful photo. Dahlias are lovely. I do not grow them. Perhaps because of having to dig them up each year. Just may have to plant some next year. So many things have changed friend since we were younger. In fact I was thinking of how much has changed in the way we communicate and do business. Time doesn't stand still even when we do: )! Have a super day. Hugs!

    1. Thank you Debbie
      Have a super week!
      I'm trying not to stand still. And what happens today...As I'm looking up at some locust trees, I take a step towards my destination and get off balance almost tripping over my own feet! I should have stayed still. lol


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