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Handwriting Letters

My Pilot fountain pen and J.Herbin ink at the ready*
This time of year and into winter brings up memories of the letters in the mail from my mother, pages and pages of slanted cursive lettering. After a while I recall feeling as if I'm reading a new language as some of the words are difficult to make out. In my grade school years, grades were given for penmanship. I believe our handwriting signifies an extension of who we are, and it appears to have been more a valuable part of society than it is today. I read there are schools that stopped teaching cursive handwriting.

U.S. Constitution Detail, edit from Wikipedia

Imagine how much skill our fore fathers had handwriting those beautiful documents for the founding of America. "Jacob Shallus, 1750 - 1796, is the man who penned the United States of America Constitution body, and Alexander Hamilton c. 1755 - 1802, penned the list of states. The document's handwriting is amazing.

Do you handwrite letters?

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