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Maple Leaves, a Stone, and Three Words

Sugar Maple Leaf and Stone, digital photo September 2015

The sugar maple leaf vein construction is interesting. Thus, a Googling I go for: maple leaf vein construction. I give you one guess what the top results are.  When I'm ready (post winning the lottery), to build an art school, I know where to go for a neat industrial style complex. The word construction is obviously too powerful for the search results I want.
Leaving off that word, I find an easy to read page from the University of Florida IFAS* Extension, Acer saccharum, Sugar Maple.  The sugar maple leaf venation is palmate, according to the description on the website. More searching and reading...  Venation means the arrangement of veins. Palmate in botany means having three or more veins radiating from one point; digitate as in the spread hand shaped.

This autumn when you pick up a leaf of two for their color, you can also admire what you know of Nature.

*IFAS-Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

P.S. The lead paragraph disappeared when I was trying to edit.
The small stone I believe is schist. Its in a bowl or drawer somewhere as in not available for a more definite rock identification.
Leaf and Stone, digital photo uncropped, September 2015


  1. Dear Maywyn catching up with you. Loved your you tube video "A wave good bye to summer". Due to the dry weather here and the cicadas our fall leaves have started to fall already. Now we both can wave hello to fall! Have a blessed day. Hugs

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Thank you. It was fun taking the video trying to not get smacked in the face by the wash.
      Have a blessed week-end. It won't be long before there's apple butter stirring time.

  2. A beautiful image......the maple leaf is such a wonderful shape. Have a great weekend, Maywyn.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you Helen
      I have the Ken Eardley jug from the Janet Bell Gallery in my mind since reading you Late Summer blog post. :)
      Wishing you a fantastic first September week-end 2016!


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