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Ponder This List: Boundaries

Straight out, I have to look up semantics, and free thinking in order to wrap my mind around the ponder this subject of the day... boundaries.

How did this all begin? A photograph. One night waiting for a favorite television show to air, I took pictures of things around the room. I like the spokes on the fan cage/guard and began thinking about the image, shape, color, what it all feels like in the meaning of the universe. From the idea of a boundary to exclude, I begin thinking about the turmoil in the world, especially in America, and how safe we are within the limits we have in society as well as those we manage in our personal landscape. Boundaries are being crossed without regard to the veritable consequences. I'm pondering how my boundaries look when I realize it depends on the semantics of the word itself. Thus, I add words to the photo and begin writing this post under the aura of the first Ponder This List about Shakespeare.

Want to feel a bit genius scholarly wise, then pronounce all the words on the page for semantics synonyms. Give yourself bonus points for knowing all the definitions well enough to use them in a conversation where they are appropriate. I often consult synonyms to help refine an idea. Its much the same as mixing colors, trying to achieve the perfect tint. On my watercolor palette, I save those colors for future use.

The words in the photograph form a free thinking palette.

  • Periphery. The natural world around me. How safe do I feel? Always pondering.
  • Boundary. Reminds me of the granite boundary stones I'd trip over as a kid. Where does a person set their personal boundary stone? Major pondering.
  • Limit. The places I won't go unless dragged or being chased by an angry dragon. For example, rock climbing, surfing and kayaking in the ocean. Minimum pondering.
  • Outline. If I take a pen to connect all the dots in my life, then what will the shape created look like, a loon, a row boat, country, a star, a nebula? How would I even plot dots? Interesting pondering.
  • Hem. Does who I feel like I am match what I look like? Do I represent myself well? What is my fashion hem? Am I a hem in or a hem out type person? I do wear cut off jeans. Style pondering.

What words do you select as markers to ponder the boundaries in your life?

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