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Reflection Monday September 2016

Sunset Through a Sugar Maple Leaf, digital photo 2016

There are a lot of ways we allow our lives to filter and freshly make moments that weave the days into years. We can look on all of it as balance more from Life than our own deliberate power. Something is always going towards something even when the destination is reached. A painting is never finished because of its life is in the looking at it. And when you reflection on what you see of your life, your hues blend with your heart and soul. I believe this. I live this.

Yesterday I was reading about Kodokushi, in Japan the lonely death where the person dies alone and isn't discovered for days or longer. The 2015 article by journalist, Matthew Bremner on Slate, The Lonely End, tells more of what it means.
Kodokushi happens all over the world. There are people who have minimal contact with people. Somebody you see every day may only see people when they look out the window, watch television, or do errands. They may only speak when the swear at the television or when doing errands. Can you imagine the only people you speak with are the clerks at the check out counter? Being alone, by choice or life happens that way cut off from a contact network is a scary place to be.

Loneliness is a state of being that has a place in story telling. It is close to my pen and heart as I have been much the outsider for the majority of my life.  Blogging is contact with the outside world. Alone is less through blogging, but may not be any safer than living alone in the countryside. In our American culture home front, I feel, what is overwhelming the positive aspects of being alone is fear. Living alone isn't as safe as it use to be due to the human element. I use to dream of an 18th Century house in the woods of New England. I still dream that way, with the addition of surveillance cameras, and security people on the property.


  1. So true... Fear of the human elements takes away from the joy of being alone ♥

    1. Hello Summer,
      I'm glad I found you blog. Its a cheerful place to visit.


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