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Blog Tips

1. Handling Comments

Always be Gracious by not insulting people that leave comments on your blog and vice versa.
What you post online represents you.

If you feel a comment is rude or inappropriate, then keep a copy, and delete it forever. If its from a long time reader, then consider emailing the person for clarification. 

Don't Assume the worse. 
Keep in mind that the way things are taken on a computer screen can be different from what they present in person.

What to do if you find yourself on the receiving end of an insult posted online for public display? Always be polite. Ask for immediate removal of that reply.
If you are wrong, then apologize without delay. 

Don't seek revenge.
Be gracious, handle the situation in emails if its important to you. Remember...emails are your words as well. 

There are bloggers that post about issues they are passionate about. That doesn't mean they won't edit what you post. Consider if you don't post about it, then maybe Not leaving a comment is also a good idea. 

Develop your own style
If you can manage it, then reply to everyone, not just a few.  When comments get into the dozens, then reply here and there taking into consideration what others have posted. Thank everyone with a few words like, Great ideas everyone, Love reading the responses

2. Blog traffic

Feels like everyone left the room but you?
Try not to take it personally. There are highs and lows in visitor statistics. Major news items, holidays, and/or major sports events, like the Olympics, are times when visitor counts might dip.

If you feel your blog is slipping, then take a break, slow down, and/or consider enhancing the content of your blog with new ideas. If you don't have words, then post photos.

If you feel you are giving more than you are receiving, as in blogs you comment on don't post a comment at least once on your blog, then consider investing time in blogs that do have a better respond rate. There are blogs that rarely or don't reply to comments at all.  
I've been reading some blogs (I like) for years that have never left a comment on my blog or a reply on their blog. I don't expect that to change.  Blog models can differ especially between those that are a business and those that aren't.

3. Reading Blogs

Read the blogs you like
Be cautious about friendships anywhere online
Consider not thinking of blog friends as real life friends unless they have a public presence, you've met the person or know them thoroughly.  

4. Links
- Always check posted links to make sure they direct to where they are suppose to go. 
- Keep links fresh with a separate list you can check going back to the oldest first. 
- If a link no longer exists, then delete the code because doing is reader friendly, IMHO. 
- Linking to another blog, as a courtesy, email to the blogger.
- If you ask if its all right to post the link, and don't receive a reply, then consider not linking to that blog.   

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